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We gave explanations for many things by considering their scientific aspect and research behind it, But here are few things that even science is unable to solve!

Let’s take a look at them in Morosis-SHORTS

1] Universe made out of WHATTTTT?

What makes up the cosmos is a simple inquiry that remains puzzlingly unresolved. It turns out that all the stars in all the galaxies in the universe are insufficient to account for everything that exists. Most of the matter in the cosmos remains unseen, untouchable, and unexplored to this day. It’s called dark matter, and despite decades of looking for it, scientists still don’t know what it is.

2] What’s under oceans “Twilight-Zone”?

As you delve into the ocean, very little sunlight comes through, and you reach the “twilight zone” about 200 meters below the surface. Our knowledge of these black depths lessens when the sun fades nearly totally out of view. It’s the twilight zone.

💡 Some people and scientists even claim that there might be new species of Huge animals could be there that we haven’t seen or explored it, “It is a fact that more than 80% of the ocean is unexplored!”

3] Civilization on Venus?

The presence of phosphine in Venus’s atmosphere has been discovered by astronomers. Because some living species make phosphine, this could suggest the presence of life. Because the chemical can be generated in other methods, caution is suggested. This isn’t conclusive evidence of life on the planet. Earth and Venus are very identical and if there was life on Venus, What happened to it? ARE WE FROM VENUS?

That’s short! it ends here ! we will bring more awesome content to you in very short words!

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