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Do you know many famous software are available for FREE? Yes, they do a giveaway, and here are a few websites that display and give you FREE software each day!

Yes, you heard that right! You can get software for FREE daily ! Here are the website

1] ShareWare On Sale

One of the coolest website that offers you very amazing software on daily basis is “shareware on sale”. You get a genuine copy of the software each. You can also sign up for their email and get notifications on daily basis.

2] Giveaway Tickcoupon

Similar to shareware on sale, Giveaway is also a good alternative. This website is not very much updated on daily basis but is a good alternative to check.

3] Techno 360 Freebies

Here is another website to get Freebies. This one is also a cool website and notifies you about the recent freebies giveaways etc.

4] MostIWant

Most I want also list good software listing websites that show you about the freebies software.

Note: While most of the websites are good and provide trusted software, Make sure the sources from where you are downloading are genuine and you are not putting low-quality software into your PC or laptop.

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