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Yes, Heading is correct Italy is selling Houses at Rs.87 ! and you can purchase it too, here is the short story for you

Why Italy is selling house at only Rs.87 [1Euro] ?

Many of Italy’s most beautiful distant towns are becoming abandoned, with tiny, elderly populations that are beginning to die out and as young Italians increasingly relocate to the city and prefer cosmopolitan careers over rural and community vocations.

How To Buy?

You can buy at 1EuroHouse and also the detail description of the procedure is present there.

They also provide a booklet costing around 5 Euro [LOL] on the process of how to buy a house. It’s kind of funny that they are selling the booklet at a higher price than the actual price of the house

What’s the catch here?

You will have to commit that you will do the reconstruction or renovation of the house. This step is to ensure that the houses remain in good condition and you can contribute to the nation’s development. So, You can buy house at ! euro or RS.87 but that’s not all! you will have to pay much more to renovate the house around 2000+ euro more or less depending upon the condition and location of house.

So, are you going to purchase house in Italy?

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