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Here are the 4 RULES by Warren Buffett to become a Millionaire in


1] First PAY your savings

As Warren Buffett has repeatedly stated and proved, you should “pay yourself first” by putting a percentage of your money aside initially and saving them strictly! Don’t ever look at this money just save!

2] Avoid chasing Brands

Avoid chasing brands and overly priced items just because some companies manufacture them. Always look for price and necessity ration, also think can you really afford it? Do you really need it?

3] Be very careful about taking loansĀ 

Buffett has often commented, “If you purchase things you don’t need, you’ll soon sell items you need.” Credit cards have the potential to waste the most money and savings. If you follow Buffett’s lead, you’ll run your business almost exclusively on cash. If you use credit cards, become familiar with the mechanisms that allow you to maximise your credit score and remain eligible for maximum credit. credit cards are good but don’t overuse them just to boost your score.

4] Invest in what you understand

Warrant Buffett always said that he only invests in things that he understands, tries to understand the business, learn it, observes how they operate and what are the potential of it. Don’t just randomly invest in stocks just because they are in trend.

These are the 4 rules of warren buffet to become Millionaire

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